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For All Your Battery Needs!

About Us


Planet Battery® is your one stop source for batteries, AC adapters, chargers, car cords & accessories utilized in both consumer electronics & industrial applications. We have the capability to replace over 40,000 different battery models and accessories. All batteries are rechargeable, anywhere from Sealed Lead Acids to Lithium ion to Nickel Metal Hydrides (NiMH). We replace Batteries, Chargers, AC Adapters for a variety of applications, such as: Laptop Computers, Digital cameras, Cell Phones, Camcorders, Cordless Phones, Emergency Lights, Fire Alarms, UPS Systems and many others. Our product databases are updated daily to meet your needs.

All of the consumer electronic manufacturers are listed in their respected categories. We utilize a navigational listing system for our customers, so they may locate the model quickly and easily. Planet Battery lists all the popular manufacturers, ie, Motorola, Nokia, Nextel, Power, APC, Dell, Compaq, Sony, Lenmar, Sanyo, Olympus, Nikon, Toshiba, Canon.. to name a few. Plus hundreds of other manufacturers and thousands of models and part numbers.

Planet Battery® is an Electronic Commerce store that focuses on the needs of every customer. We are backed by a number of established manufacturing companies. With this experience and quality customer service, you can rely on Planet Battery® for all your replacement battery needs.