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Tripp Lite

Tripp-Lite UPS Replacement Batteries

Our replacement Tripp-Lite UPS Batteries and Lead Acid chargers meet or exceed factory standards, with a full one year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Reliable quality at a fraction of the price of original UPS Sealed Lead Acid manufacturer products: the only difference is in the Savings!

Find replacement Tripp-Lite UPS batteries and chargers for your UPS power supply quickly and easily by searching below.

Select Tripp-Lite UPS Backup Batteries by Model: 

1000-BC FC 325 360SX
425 450 450VA
98-120 98-121 APS400
BC 1000/230 BC 1000FC BC 1000FCb
BC 1200 BC 1200 LAN BC 1250 LAN Internet
BC 1250 LAN metal BC 1250 LAN plastic BC 200
BC 200/10 BC 200-228B BC 200-28B
BC 200a BC 205 BC 205a
BC 250 BC 250a BC 250b
BC 275 BC 300 Internet BC 325A
BC 3348 BC 350 BC 375
BC 400 BC 400 LAN BC 400 Standby UPS
BC 4000 BC 400a BC 420
BC 425FC BC 425FCD BC 450
BC 450 LAN BC 450B BC 500 Internet
BC 500/230 BC 500a BC 500a LAN
BC 550 BC 600 LAN BC 600 sa
BC 675 BC 675 Internet BC 675 Pro
BC 675FC b BC 740 BC 750
BC 750 Internet BC 750 LAN BC 750/230
BC 750a BC 750b BC 750b LAN
BC 750d BC 800 LAN BC 800 LAN (opt)
BC 900 BC 900 Internet BC 900 Lan
BC 900b LAN BC Internet 280 BC Internet 325
BC Internet 675 BC Personnal 200 BC Personnal 200a
BC Personnal 250 BC Personnal 280 BC Personnal 280a
BC Personnal 420 BC Personnal 500 BC Personnal 500 later
BC Pro 1050 BC Pro 550 BC Pro 650
CP 350 Datashield AT1200 small Datashield AT1200lg
Datashield AT1500 Datashield AT500 large Datashield AT500 small
Datashield AT800 large Datashield AT800 small Datashield DT250
Datashield PC200 Datashield PC200a Datashield ST360
Datashield ST450 Datashield ST675 Datashield T2 300
Datashield T2+200 Datashield T2+300 Datashield T2+450
Datashield T2+520 Datashield T2+675 Datashield T350
Datashield XT300 HP24-12 Internet Office 500
Internet Office 700 MISC TMC TE300 later MISC TMC TE450
MSC TMC CP350 Office 500 OM1995
Omni 1200 Omni 1250 Omni 1250a LAN
Omni 1250b LAN Internet Omni 1350 LAN Omni 1750 LAN
Omni 450 Omni 450 LAN Omni 450b
Omni 500 LAN Omni 600 LAN Omni 600/230
Omni 600b LAN Omni 675 Omni 750 LAN metal
Omni 750 LAN plastic Omni 750a LAN Omni 750b LAN
Omni 850 Omni 900 Omni 900 LAN plastic
Omni 900a LAN Omni 900b LAN OmniPro 675
OmniPro 850 OmniPro 900 OmniPro/NetworkPro 1050
OmniPro/NetworkPro 280 OmniPro/NetworkPro 450 OmniPro/NetworkPro 675
OmniSmart 1050 OmniSmart 280 OmniSmart 450
OmniSmart 675 OmniSmart 725 Smart 1050
Smart 1050RM Smart 1400 Smart 250
Smart 280 Smart 400 Smart 450
Smart 675 later Smart 700RM 120v Smart 850
Smart 900 Smart Unison MPS1400 Smart Unison PS1000
Smart Unison PS450 Smart Unison PS700 Smart UPS 400
SmartProNet 1050 SmartProNet 280 SmartProNet 450
SmartProNet 700 TM 420 Touchmaster 420
Unison MPS1200 Unison MPS1200a Unison PS6.0
Unison PS6.0n Unison PS8.0

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